Tuxonaut Space Club NFT Story

Tuxonaut Space Club NFT “before revealing”

When humanity arrived in 2088, all resources were exhausted against population growth. Our planet was dying. Global warming was destroying our world. The warnings of environmental scientists to world leaders years ago were ignored. Global warming was a fact of the world, but everyone had closed their eyes to this situation. On the other hand insufficient resources in the world had led to wars between nations. Although the number of population in the world decreased due to wars, resources were still insufficient.

As a result, an organization of 7 countries was established with the participation of the largest country of each continent. The name of this organization was Space 7. The purpose of the S7 was to establish an ecosystem where humans could live on one of the planets in our solar system. With the program it has announced, S7 will train 8,888 Tuxonauts around the world. 8,888 Tuxonauts would disperse to 7 planets and try to establish an ecosystem suitable for human life on the planets they went to. Each Tuxonaut was trained and equipped for the conditions of the planet they were going to. Humanity is in excitement and joy with the S7 organization and its goals. On 8.8.2088, individual space shuttles were launched from various parts of the world for each Tuxonaut.

Humanity, which could not set foot on any planet until this date, set foot on these planets for the first time. 8,888 Tuxonauts who set foot on 7 planets would encounter something they never expected. There were non-human beings, which are Tuxoliens, on all 7 planets. Tuxoliens were more advanced beings than humans. Tuxoliens were able to communicate with each other interplanetary and even intergalactic and first, with a shield they created around the world, they cut off the communication of the Tuxonauts with the world. From now on, Tuxonauts have to fend for themselves. Meanwhile, realizing that there is a problem, the world starts to build new technological spaceships.

On the other hand, the Tuxoliens and Tuxonauts were preparing for war. Tuxoliens had only one purpose. It is to imprison humanity on earth and protect other planets. The purpose of humanity was only to find a habitable place. Undoubtedly, a great war will break out between these two sides.




An Amazing Club of 8,888 Tuxonaut. Get ready for space flight!

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Tuxonaut Space Club

Tuxonaut Space Club

An Amazing Club of 8,888 Tuxonaut. Get ready for space flight!

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